Brunch and activism!

As usual, Nottingham Young Quakers have been meeting up to have fun and take part in cultural events in the city. Sunday 19th February saw us having brunch at Annie’s Burger Shack before going to see Pay It No Mind, a film screening at Broadway Cinema as part of LGBT history month hosted by the University of Nottingham. As a first timer to Annie’s I was impressed by their ability to make anything vegan, even bacon!

The film was about the life story of Marsha P. Johnson, a drag queen and revolutionary trans-activist living in New York from the 1960s to the 1990s. It was an incredibly inspirational and moving film, so I’m really glad we were able to watch it together. image: Young Quakers group
We all had delicious breakfasts at Annie’s Burger Shack

We then supported the local Monthly Gift campaign, which provides sanitary items for homeless and disadvantaged women across the city. We donated sanitary products to the pink box inside the vintage clothes shop Cow in Hockley. If you would also like to donate products here’s a link for more information:

Having missed Sunday morning Meeting for Worship, we then headed back to the meeting house for a shorter 15 minute Meeting, allowing for reflection in response to our thought provoking morning. Whilst at the meeting house we also make a feel better card for a poorly Friend. A fun packed morning indeed!