Friends do Food and Feminism on a Friday

On the 10th March, the Nottingham Young Quakers enjoyed one of our social evenings in Nottingham city centre. To kick the evening off, we visited one of our favourite restaurants, Nada Budaya. They serve the best Malaysian food Nottingham has to offer, and on this particular visit we came to the startling discovery that for the same price as a scoop of ice cream, one could get both a scoop of ice cream AND a banana fritter. Needless to say, banana fritters all ‘round! image: Young Quakers group
All for one and one for all!

We then headed down the street to Broadway Cinema for the Women’s Takeover and showing of the film 9 to 5. The event was hosted by two local organisations, Fan Club who promote female and non-binary musicians and creatives, and Reel Equality who screen films that challenge gender stereotypes.

Reel Equality Film Club


NYQ have attended both Fan Club and Reel Equality events before, and they certainly did not disappoint this time: face glitter was enjoyed by all (except me who remembers the Glitter Beard Catastrophe of 2016), much singing and chatting occurred, and settling in to watch the hilarious 1980s triumph of three office workers (played by Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and of course Dolly Parton) over their sexist boss over not one but two big screens (optimal neck comfort for all!) was a delight. image: Young Quakers group
Enjoying our Fan Club temporary tattoos

Adorned with Fan Club temporary tattoos (which for some reason only Tori and I remember from our childhoods, who knows what everyone else did with their youth) we left in high spirits. A lovely start to the weekend!