Spring rolls, exploding kittens, and dragons

It emerged that we had all had a tiring week when gathered and shared our favourite moments of the week as is traditional. We started the evening in Thaikhun, a trendy Thai restaurant with some lovely smelling raw spring rolls. Abi had bought a couple of books from an outreach event, which were free but for the price of an eventual review, and worked very hard to find them good homes.

nottinghamquakers.org.uk image: Young Quakers group
Thai Food at Thaikhun

After the meal, we took a short walk down to the Dice Cup, a board game café, and almost called it a night there as it was packed. We decided to wait a while and a table quickly became free. We played a quick game of exploding kittens before trying our hands at crashing dragons into each other.

nottinghamquakers.org.uk image: Young Quakers group
Exploding kittens at the Dice Cup

We didn’t stay long, but a couple of conversations we had during the evening struck me. First was a few friends discovering a shared passion for the collectable card game Magic. Second was a conversation about camping in which people have very different opinions. I am glad that Young Friends can find so much in common, but it is also a real pleasure to know that we inspire each other to try new things and reconsider our opinions. I cannot speak for anyone else but I came away from this event feeling a little reinvigorated and readier to take on the rest of the week.

Ben Boo