Breaking bread with Friends image: Young Quakers group
Getting our hands dirty.

It’s safe to say that there was enough bread. Helena and Gillian were kindly teaching us to bake bread, but they were worried the bread we’d be baking wouldn’t be ready on time, so even before we’d started we had two loaves of bread. First, learned about the bloom method, which is a way to feed the yeast overnight and provides a dough elastic that you can knead it without using your hands. However, Helena and Gillian wanted to get our hands dirty so we made a simple recipe so everyone who wanted to could practice kneading and throw the dough around a little bit. We also had a go at making gluten free buns. As you might imagine, we had too much bread to bake and many of us ended up taking dough home to bake later. image: Young Quakers group
He’s got more dough than he knows what to do with!

With all this wonderful bread, our shared supper was scrumptious. I was especially enamoured of the garlic butter and the garlic pesto that were perfect accompaniments to freshly baked bread. image: Young Quakers group
With all this wonderful bread, our shared supper was scrumptious.

With the eating and cleaning done we settled down to our worship sharing which was centred around a podcast recalling the story of a Jewish family finding, befriending and eventually welcoming into their household a member of the KKK who had harassed them. This led to worship sharing on the challenges posed by our testimony to tolerance and we explored some of our own relationships with that testimony.

Ben Boo