The Quaker Bake Off

Although we cook together reasonably often, we realised that we don’t bake together. Ever. And this needed to change. Would baking for charity change our minds? image: Young Quakers group

We picked the Saturday of Eurovision 2017 to do this: we arrived at the Meeting House in the afternoon around 4pm to start. I had got in a bit later to see a table covered in ingredients ready to make cakes, cookies and cupcakes. We were all rather excited to start, but I was apprehensive since I hadn’t ever made a successful cake before.

We then spent the next two hours making four cakes, a set of cupcakes and a batch of cookies. The cookies were my favourite to make: we had to blend together brown sugar and coconut oil to form a paste, then add vegan chocolate chips, and they were done. By far the easiest and most delicious recipe for cookies I’ve ever done. However, disaster struck when one of our half of our sponge cake dramatically cracked, and we could do nothing about it! We smothered it in icing and strawberries, thinking that Quakers could most likely not care about the state of the cake if it was for charity… image: Young Quakers group
Mary Berry, we’re giving you a run for your money!

Our mouths were watering: even though baking so much in such a short time was stressful, we desperately wanted to eat them, but resisted temptation. We placed the cakes on a table ready for after Meeting for Worship tomorrow: a chocolate cake, a chocolate and strawberry cake, a vanilla and strawberry sponge cake, vanilla cupcakes with beautiful icing and decoration to look like the sea, and the cookies (all vegan!).

However, we still had one cake to ice! We vowed to come to Meeting for Worship early the next morning to sort it – the courgette and lemon cake. Making a smooth lemon icing, we covered the cake and ran into Meeting for Worship with sugary hands. image: Young Quakers group

Afterwards, the cake sale was a success. Alongside treating the Meeting to a range of delicious treats, we were also delighted to raise a total of £151 for international relief charity Care International: definitely a successful first Quaker Bake Off. Mary Berry, we’re giving you a run for your money!