Nottingham Young Quakers group


The Nottingham Young Quakers group (NYQ) is for those aged between 18 and 35(ish) who are interested in Quakerism. You don’t need to be a Quaker or religious, just interested in spirituality and exploring your own thoughts & values. We meet regularly, on average once a week, to socialise together and take part in spiritual discussions.  We also have a Facebook group.

We’re a diverse group, and all are welcome. Here’s some information about our members:

  • Some have been Quaker since they were children, others have become Quakers as adults, others aren’t Quaker at all
  • Some believe in God and some are atheists and some are in between
  • Many of us are part of the LGBTQ community
  • Some of us are students and some of us are employed and some of us are parents
  • Some of us try to come to every event and others come once in a while when they can fit us in
  • Several of us have disabilities, including physical, mental, and learning difficulties
  • We have a range of dietary requirements including vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and soy-free – we cater for all! View our NYQ Recipe Book here.
  • Some of us attend Meeting for Worship on a Sunday morning, others have never been before
  • Some of us helpfully write articles about our experiences as part of the NYQ group – take a look here for more information! If you’re more of a visual person, have a look at our lovely faces here. website: Nottingham Young Quakers group
We went to the cinema to see a feminist horror film followed by a Persian meal and games…

We organise lots of events! Head here for what’s coming up on our events calendar, or read on for the general structure of what we get up to:

  • About half of our events are “spiritual suppers”. These are usually based at Nottingham Meeting House, and involve cooking/eating a meal together whilst catching up (there’s often lots of laughter!). After we’ve eaten, we take part in an activity (e.g. crafts, reading, reflection, artwork & more!) in the spirit of Quaker worship. This means we explore our personal beliefs and values, typically based in silent reflection. Find out more about why Quakers value silence & quiet worship here.
  • The other half of our events are social events. Previous events have included cinema visits, attending science fairs, playing board games, going to a synagogue service, taking part in a simplicity workshop, life drawing, and attending a Holocaust Memorial event. We’re always open to new ideas from our members!
  • Quakers have some core values: peace, equality, truth & integrity, and simplicity & sustainability. These aren’t just words, but what we call testimonies – values that we try to live by and let us challenge us. Our events – both spiritual suppers and social events – are often linked to these values. Find out more these here.

If you’re interested in coming along to our group but want to know more about Quakers, this BBC guide is really useful. Or just take the plunge – we’re a friendly bunch and always willing to answer questions! If you want to get in touch before you come along or have any further questions, get in touch.

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