Meeting Room table made by John Gray in 1972

Spiritual Growth Support Group

Twenty-eight years ago, I was teetering on the edge of my fortieth birthday, and quizzical about my next step.  About this time, our friend Dorothy Millichamp unwrapped a Woodbrooke plan for a group with ‘spirituality’ as its focus.

What is special about this group?  Well, it gives each person the chance to find out, with the help of the others, where we are on our own spiritual journey – maybe we push ahead on the same track, or explore alternative routes.  The insights thus gained can be cumulative.

Just now, perhaps six or eight of us wait in the stillness.  We are not always vocal, but if someone does speak first, then the rest of us are activated!

On the third Sunday of the month, from 12.10pm for an hour, this group certainly takes place, usually in the main Meeting Room.  The group sometimes takes place on the second Sunday too.

This is an ‘open’ group, and you would be a most welcome guest.  You might even grow with us!

Janet Raven

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