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There are several ways of discovering more about Quakers.


We are offering a programme of learning about Quakerism.

What are the four Quaker testimonies? What is the origin of ‘Hope so’ as assent to a suggested minute in Meeting for Worship for Business? What drove the faith of early Quakers? How do we discern whether it is right to give spoken ministry in Meeting? If any of these questions leaves you puzzled or curious, then Elders and Overseers may have the answer for you (or maybe it’s better to say ‘a partial answer’…)

Several different topics will be explored for an hour after Meeting on every third Sunday, and the idea is that anyone can attend any of the sessions; it’s not necessary to attend all of them. Many of us feel that it’s quite hard to understand some of our practices and tenets, and even if we’ve been attending Meeting for years there are unexpected holes in our knowledge. If this strikes a chord, come along!

Please check the events calendar for any last-minute updates.

January 19th 2020: Our Quaker Community
February 2020: No Meeting for Learning. It will be replaced by a Woodbrooke on the Road day event on Saturday 22nd February. The theme will be “Hope as a practice” – see events calendar for more details.
March 15th 2020: Issues around L.G.B.T.
April 19th 2020: Atheism and Faith
May 17th 2020: Loneliness of the Spiritual Journey

Times:  After Meeting for Worship on Sunday (12pm till 1.15pm)
VenueFriends Meeting House, Nottingham
Commitment:  No need to attend every session
Booking: No need to book in advance
Cost: Free


Becoming Friends course“Becoming Friends – Living and Learning with Quakers” is a course designed for all people who have attended Quaker Meeting for Worship for a while and who would like to know more about Quakers.

Future courses

There are no courses planned at the moment, see our events calendar for other events.


Quaker Quest aims to help you find out about the Quaker way of life.  There are no Quaker Quest evenings planned in Nottingham at the moment. In the meantime, the national Quaker Quest website contains a lot of useful information.

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